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Looking to make a little extra cash? No experience? No problem! We're always looking for fresh new faces and talent. Below are a couple of different opportunities where we can help you supplement your income.

Nude Modeling

The perfect opportunity for individuals that DO NOT want to perform with others in sexual acts. Often referred to as "Glamour" in the adult industry, you'll work directly with the photographer in different settings from fully dressed to full nudes. Think Playboy, Playgirl, Unzipped, Hustler or Penthouse. Professional and tasteful presentations that help to create fantasies. It's not just about the "junk."

Along with your photo shoot, you will be filmed performing a "solo scene." Relax guys, this is the same thing you do in the privacy of your bedroom or shower and now you're getting paid for it. You might even learn something new about yourself. You'll also do a short interview on film that is about you; your name (screen name, not real name), state where you were born, age, hobbies, sexual preference and things you like.

People that apply for Nude Modeling:
Straight, bisexual, gay, and college dudes looking to make some extra cash, exhibitionists, male escorts and models looking to build a portfolio.

Gay For Pay

"Gay for pay" is the term used for "hetero-flexible" guys. Individuals that are willing to participate in gay sex scenes for money. Perfect for guys that will accept blowjobs from another guy or perform as a "top" (the pitcher) in anal sex. The type of scene truly depends on how far the individual is willing to go. You might let a guy blow you, but you won't kiss him, blow him or fuck him. We understand that everyone has their limits and we respect that. The scene could be something as simple as two guys watching porn on TV and jerking off. Referred to as a circle jerk or buddy jerk.

People that apply for Gay for Pay scenes:
Straight but curious to try it, bisexual, straight acting gay males, and college dudes looking to make some extra cash.


Full-on gay sex: Duo's, 3-Way, and Group Sex. These scenes typically include kissing, making out, foreplay, reaming, bukakke and facial cum shots, oral, and anal sex between males. Scenes that include anal sex are performed using condoms. Safe sex is Priority #1. We do not film scenes that include scat or urinating on someone.

People that apply for Male-On-Male scenes:
Gay and Bisexual males.

We Are Currently In Need Of Asian Models Living In the US

Things You Should Know:

1. If hired, you are required to provide a government issued photo ID and sign a model release.
2. Sexual contact between staff members and model(s) is strictly prohibited.
3. Compensation is a topic that is determined at the end of your interview. What a model is willing to do is a factor.
4. This is a business. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner and show up on time for scheduled shoots.
5. You must complete your shoot/scene with a "money shot." No Money Shot, No Paycheck!
6. Models are paid cash in full at the end of their shoot.

To be considered, please complete the application below. All correspondence including personal information, e-mail address and photos are strictly confidential. We respect your privacy.

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